Welcome! I am a senior programmer writer in the Seattle-Bellevue area with over 15 years of experience in software development and over 5 years of developer documentation writing experience.


Expert in creating conceptual documentation for developer audiences. Adept at describing complex software architectures, clarifying concepts with illustrations and concrete code examples, and explaining how to develop software applications. The end product is coherent and easy to follow.


Sample code (fluent in both managed and native code) and documentation for SDKs, DDKs, APIs, and developer tools.


Trained in agile methodologies and familiar with industry standard style guides. A proactive attitude with a focus on resolving problems and delivering results.




As a programmer writer, I understand my audience because I have spent years in their shoes as a software developer. When there is a requirement for clear, concise, and accurate developer documentation, written with a genuine understanding of software development concepts, I deliver results.

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